Ashes to Art

Having jewellery made with the ashes of a loved one as a keepsake, is very popular.

I don’t make jewellery, but I do create energy art, and as I work in a very shamanic way, I offer this service to those who are looking to preserve a little of the ashes of a loved one in something beautiful for their home.

I use healing breath and Reiki energies to allow the ashes to flow and embed into the paint, creating beautiful energetic abstract images.

The process is a beautiful experience for me, as I connect with the loved one, and paint intuitively. The space is set slightly differently to my usual work, so I can ensure the ashes are treated with the gentle respect they deserve.

I have elements from the four directions around me –

Feathers symbolising air to smudge the paper, filtered crystal energised water, a pure soy candle, or incense for the fire element, and flowers or crystals from the earth chosen specifically for the piece.

For this work I always use handmade rag paper from a paper mill on Exmoor to ensure the highest vibrations are held within the painting.

All pieces are framed locally by a framer who has the ultimate respect for the work he is given, so I am safe in the knowledge that the whole process is kept sacred from start to finish.

I’m not always clairvoyant, so I won’t have messages for you, but I can assure you that your piece of art is being created with love and understanding of the impact a lost loved one can have on your family.

How to commission a piece of work.

Please contact me so we can discuss your requirements.

Each piece is so individual and can vary in size.

To ensure the ashes reach me safely, I suggest that you send them recorded delivery. I only need a tablespoon at the most. The ashes are kept in a special case, and any that are unused will be returned.

Prices start from £330 for a piece framed to 12” square. 


View My Work

  • Soul from the Ocean

    One of a pair from The Softer Collection that were painted on a New Moon
  • Climbing Yosemite

    Very new work for late 2019.  
  • Heal Your Heart

    Sometimes you have to take time to rest, and heal.
  • Drums Of Africa

    A powerful piece, painted on canvas outside in the spring 2019 On show in the grand hall at The Langford Hotel – Fivehead.
  • Atlantis Rising

    New work during for 2019. Part of The Atlantis Collection. Texture and crystals.
  • It’s Raining Jewels

    A corner of my first piece painted outside after the rain on hand made rag paper. Sold at my debut exhibition 2018
  • Beach Party

    Colourful mixed media and mark making on bamboo paper.
  • Hawaiian Tropic

    I discovered real flow with bamboo paper and the use of breath through a bamboo straw.
  • It’s all about the Juice!

    A special commissioned piece.
  • Second Time Lucky

    This really was second time lucky. A paint over that I love to bits! It’s on show at The Langford Hotel – Fivehead
  • Breathe The Mountain

    A beautiful piece inspired from a skiing holiday.
  • Wings of the Heart

    This was the focal piece from the Sofer Collection for my part in Somerset Art Weeks 2019
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