About Me

How I paint

I have been using Reiki energy for the past 18 years to treat my clients. To be able to embed energy and love within a painting is a sheer joy. Each piece is unique and very special. Before I begin painting, I like to prepare my space and surround myself with elements from the four directions – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water .

I choose crystals, light a candle, and always use energised filtered water when I am working. Sometimes I like to use specific sounds, especially while focusing on a Chakra or vibration, and I work with an amethyst palm stone in my left hand, and a large quartz point near my water and paint pallet.

My work is ever evolving

My work is ever evolving.
I’m not one to sketch my ideas as I tend to gather inspiration from the many photographs I take during my walks, and the colour I have in my Somerset garden. Sometimes I paint with a specific colour in mind, or I’m inspired by an event, vibration or emotion.

I love using handmade cotton rag paper from a water mill on Exmoor, although larger pieces are on canvas. It’s all about the energy!

Artist in residence

I can be found at The Langford Hotel near Fivehead, where you can see me painting some of my larger work. A selection of my work can also be seen in a couple of the bedrooms within the main house.

Viewings are by appointment and weekday times can vary depending on my client commitments.